About us

About us

We want to provide a new concept that offers a new, revolutionary global solution to the economic and administrative challenges experienced when protecting trademarks and designs throughout the world. The basic and initial idea is to make a simple cost effective on-line DIY solution to register European trademarks and designs available to the industry as well as the trademark and design representatives. Seen from a right holder perspective the reason for registering intellectual property rights is among others to be able to counter infringements of the intellectual property right. This might seem as an objective solely to the benefit of the proprietor of the intellectual property. However it is even more in the interest of the consumer.

The primary role of i.e. a trademark is to guarantee the origin of the goods or services sold under the trademark to the consumer and thereby provide the consumer with a security concerning health and safety. Fake trademarks do not hold that guarantee and are therefore very often a threat to consumer health making the importance of the ability to fight such trademarks vital to the consumer. Though infringements of intellectual property rights are generally not perceived in the general public as threatening health this is in fact very much the case. The number of counterfeit goods in the market is ever increasing – not only in geographical locations far from Europe and the western world in general. Statistics published on 5 August 2013 by the European Commission show a continuation of the trend of the high number of shipments suspected of violating intellectual property rights. In 2012, almost 90,000 detention cases were registered by Customs.

The high number of detentions is caused by the high number of small parcels in express and postal traffic, most probably as a result of internet sales. As far as the almost 40 million detained articles are concerned, the value of the equivalent genuine products is estimated to be just below 1 billion euro. Cigarettes are at the top of the list of detained articles (31%), followed by other goods (such as bottles, lamps, glue, batteries, washing powder) and packaging materials. Products for daily use (i.e. body care articles, medicines, toys, electrical household goods) accounted for 12,7% of the total number of detained articles.

China continued to be the main source country from where IP infringing goods were shipped to the EU but for certain product sectors other countries were the main provenance like Morocco for foodstuffs or Hong Kong, China for other tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes and their liquid fillings. It is evident that fake and inferior goods in categories such as cigarettes, batteries, body care articles, medicines, toys and foodstuffs i.e. milk powder for babies can prove serious threats to public health. By providing an easy accessible high quality and cost effective platform to register intellectual property rights we aim at facilitating higher consumer safety and health by securing the outset for countering infringements and fakes through registered intellectual property rights – limiting the number of fake products in the market.

Historically – and that is still the overall general picture – services like the ones offered by IP WIT are bought through classic patent- and trademark attorney offices situated within the EU based on old networks between offices outside and inside the EU. The pricing of the services is generally speaking not cost based and not differentiated after the actual service needed. To promote the registration of intellectual property rights to help fight counterfeits we offer a service that qualitatively matches the present market but with easy access and very competitive dynamic pricing on the basic services.

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