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We help our clients fight counterfeiting by securing the means to do so. In our philosophy the fight starts by securing the intellectual property rights connected with the product or service that needs protection.

We offer a wide variety of services if not all relating to intellectual property, covering advice relating to copyright, patents, design and trademarks including pre-filing advice, portfolio management, infringement proceedings and exploitation.

We can provide you with cradle to grave advice on your intellectual property rights including but not limited to advice on strategy, clearance and filing, customs surveillance, litigation, competitor analysis, licensing and other services. We are especially skilled in the fields of European trademarks and European design.

We are neither a traditional patent and trademark agency nor a traditional IP law firm though we pride ourselves on several years of experience from exactly those businesses. We strive to provide our clients with a new platform to obtain these services that combine top quality with easy accessibility and low costs. We never compromise when it comes to professional competence and honest advice. This is our contribution to help fight counterfeiting for the benefit of the consumer safety of you, us and everybody else.

As part of the new platform we offer the following services as online DIY solutions:

– European trademark applications
– European design applications
– European trademark watch service applications
– European customs surveillance applications
– European trademark renewal
– European design renewal

Yes – we do help protect your intellectual property outside the European Union too, please contact us.

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